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School Bus

In 2017, Project Gambia started a "School Bus Appeal" in an aim to supply St. John's School for the Deaf in The Gambia with a School Bus, to enable some of the children living further from the school to be transported safely to and from the school.

We were able to supply the school with a School Bus in November of 2017, which has been added in addition to the 2 School Buses previously donated years previously by a Charity from Finland (pictured to the side).

The School Bus has contributed to the increasing enrolment at the school - as the many children who use it would otherwise be unable to transport to and from the school.  

school bus.jpg



Safety First

The roads in The Gambia are very unlike that in the Developed World - being very unsafe to cross for pedestrians. For children who are Deaf, the busy town of Serrekunda (where St. John's is located) can be particularly dangerous - with them being unable to hear traffic.

Therefore, it is especially important to note that the addition of School Buses is also beneficial from a Health and Safety Point of View - allowing the children to be transported to and from school in a safe way.

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