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Project Gambia's Catholic Ethos is firmly integrated into everything we do in our Ministry to support our brothers and sisters in The Gambia.


We work closely with our Catholic Church in the UK, Ireland, and in The Gambia, to ensure that we are able to support St. John's, St. Patrick's and St. Joseph's Schools in the variety of different ways that we do.

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We are fortunate to have the prayerful support of the Catholic Community across the UK, Ireland, and indeed in The Gambia also. It is the prayers of the Clergy and Faithful alike that allow us to support more than 1,000 School Children every day.

Wherever you are in the World, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for the work of Project Gambia and for the children that we support.


The Patron Saints of Project Gambia are Our Lady of the Assumption and St. John of Beverley.


Our Lady of the Assumption is Patron Saint of The Gambia and of the Catholic Diocese of Banjul. Her Feast Day is celebrated on the 15th August each year.

St. John of Beverley, whom Saint John's School for the Deaf is dedicated to, is our other Patron Saint. His Feast Day is celebrated on the 7th May each year.

Our Lady of the Assumption, pray for us.

St. John of Beverley, pray for us.

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Project Gambia Prayer

Oh Lord, we pray that we may give hope to the children at St. John's who need it the most. That, in their world which is filled with total silence, they may hear your word.


We pray to you, our heavenly Father, that Project Gambia will receive the help that they need to make sure that these children, and the others that they support, are able to receive a nutritious meal and an effective education.


We pray for these children, and for all the other children in the world who face such hardships in their daily lives, through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Nightly Holy Rosary

Join Project Gambia for our Nightly Holy Rosaries - which are Live-Streamed frequently from our Facebook Page. We pray in particular for an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic, for the work of Project Gambia, for all the children that we support in The Gambia, and indeed for all of your intentions.

We are also fortunate to receive the support of many local Parishes, who host Rosaries and Holy Hours to Pray for Project Gambia.


The process of supplying 700+ School Uniforms in The Gambia is a logistical one which requires organisation. Part of this involves the transport of materials in and out of the school. As you can see in this short video, many of the children choose to help the School Staff transporting this material, and indeed help make this operation possible.

Indeed, it is a nice sentiment that while Project Gambia is helping the children of The Gambia, those same children are helping to support Project Gambia too!

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