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School Uniforms

One of the things which was immediately a priority for us was the fact that many of the children at St. John's School for the Deaf were coming to school in nothing but rags, with most of the parents/carers being unable to provide any type of Uniform for them. Therefore, soon after making sure that we had enough funds to keep the School Feeding Programme on track, supplying the children with new School Uniforms was a clear priority.

On three occasions, we have supplied each child at St. John's School for the Deaf with a brand new set of uniforms. As with our School Feeding Programmes, the School Uniforms we have provided St. John's have been produced locally, ensuring that the funds we spend to create these are being spent in The Gambia and benefiting the Gambian economy.

One clear benefit of the School Uniforms that we have been made aware of is that they are becoming increasingly recognised by locals in The Gambia - particularly those in the Serrekunda area. This is highly beneficial as the children are recognised as being Deaf on their travels to and from school, meaning that vehicle users are able to recognise them as a potential hazard.

As we now support St. Patrick's Lower Basic School and St. Joseph's Nursery School in addition to St. John's, supplying these children with School Uniforms is a continued priority for us.



The process of supplying 700+ School Uniforms in The Gambia is a logistical one which requires organisation. Part of this involves the transport of materials in and out of the school. As you can see in this short video, many of the children choose to help the School Staff transporting this material, and indeed help make this operation possible.

Indeed, it is a nice sentiment that while Project Gambia is helping the children of The Gambia, those same children are helping to support Project Gambia too!


Here is a video from 2018 which was taken at St. John's School for the Deaf after the school day when the children received 2 pairs of School Uniforms. As you can see, they are delighted with their brand new uniforms - and excited to go home and show their families! 

You will notice a young Alieu in the video, the young boy who came to Scotland in 2019 to receive the gift of hearing - on his 14th Birthday.


Here is an interview with Mr. Colley, a Parent of a Pupil of St. John's School for the Deaf who has just received 2 School Uniforms for his child.


During the interview, he expresses his thanks to Project Gambia, and explains the difference that this will make to the life of his child and to the economic situation for his family.

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